Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author

Rayna Cramer form The Nail House coached by Diederik van Niekerk- ActionCOACH Bloemfontein. Won the award for the best retailer in South Africa at the Business Excellence form and Awards in 2015.

Left: Harry Welby- Cooke (Master Licencee for ActionCOACH SA), Right: Rayna Cramer (The Nail House)

Coach Diederik van Niekerk awarded best Rookie Coach of the Year at The Business Excellence Form and Awards.

( Left: Harry Welby – Cooke: Master Licencee for ActionCOACH SA), Middle: Coach Diederik van Niekerk: ActionCOACH Bloemfontein, Right: Pieter Scholtz: Master Licencee for ActionCOACH SA and Namibia.)



Jaclyn Engelbrecht owner of Nov-U wrote a testimonial about her journey with ActionCOACH and coach Diederik:


I have been an entrepreneur for 6 years. My current business is in distribution and I have owned it for 3 years. I was first introduced to action coach Diederik van Niekerk on referral from my bookkeeper. I was reluctant at first as my business was in a good place. I didn’t think coaching was necessary. I accepted an offer for a free consultation and was impressed with what I was presented with. I signed up.

I started coaching only 10 months ago.

In those ten months I was taught practical techniques in managing my cash flow, increasing my revenue, adding value to my services, realistically measuring what works for my business and what not. By applying the coaching to my business the following happened: my revenue increased by 50%, due to the reducing of my expenditure; my profit margin increased, my service delivery improved, my clientele expended as I was able to identify my target market realistically and effectively collect and analyze client data. I now had someone holding me accountable to my actions and my goals.

The results Of this was (and still is) I am able to offer better salaries and recruit Good quality staff.  The office morale is at a high and I work less hours in my business and more on my business. My business is growing by the day.

The professional relationship with my coach was one built on trust and driven by results. This helped me be comfortable in being able to identify my businesses deepest weaknesses and to discuss them with him openly. In the flip side as we identified my businesses strengths, my confidence in managing my own business grew.

My experience with coach Diederik van Niekerk has been an all round positive one. I will definitely recommend an ActionCOACH.